Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What Is It? Can You Guess the Purpose of This Structure Next to New High School?

A lot of people have been asking, what is that two-story rectangular structure on site of the new North Middlesex Regional High School?  Guesses have included:

  • An elevator shaft
  • A booth for a parking lot attendant
  • A scoreboard and announcer’s booth for a football field

CTA’s Project Executive Jeff Hazelwood provides us the answer:  It’s a mock up.

He explains:

“It is typical on construction projects.  A mock up is built to mimic the sequence of installation for exterior building components (concrete foundation, metal framing, sheathing, air/vapor barrier, masonry, precast concrete, stonework, windows, curtain wall, doors, roofing, sealants, etc.) so that all of the intricate details are reviewed, potentially modified and agreed upon by the General Contractor, Architect and Owner’s Project Manager before the actual installation starts on the building itself.  Think of it as working out potential conflicts between the complex exterior building systems in advance so there are little to no issues when we install them on the actual building.  It also provides an opportunity to view the exterior materials, colors, features and finishes to get a sense of the final product.”

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Look at This Fine Work by CTA Construction on Putnam Gardens in Cambridge

Renovating an occupied apartment complex takes good scheduling and planning.  CTA Construction Co. Inc. recently finished the first of 10 phases on a $22 million renovation of the Putnam Garden apartment complex owned by the Cambridge Housing Authority.

Large-scale residential construction is a growing part of our portfolio.  CTA previously renovated the Harry S. Truman Apartment Building for the Cambridge Housing Authority.  In Allston, CTA is currently constructing a $20 million, five-story residential building.

The project included updating finishes and fixtures in the kitchens and bathrooms.

CTA crews also did a fine job with new electrical systems, fire sprinklers, insulation, baseboard heating, ceilings and soffits.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Video: 8 Steps to a Great Groundbreaking

We attend a lot of groundbreaking ceremonies and each is special and important.  They are a chance for project owners and supporters to celebrate an important milestone.  They have worked hard to plan the project and the groundbreaking marks the start of a dream becoming a reality.

For some, it may be their first time planning a groundbreaking for a building project. To help them get started, we created this short video, "8 Steps to a Great Groundbreaking."

Monday, March 14, 2016

CTA Construction Joins Hopkinton to Renovate, Expand Library

Here are photos from Friday's groundbreaking ceremony at the Hopkinton Public Library.  You can read more details about this project on  
Hopkinton and state officials mark the start of construction.

The library addition will go on this parking lot.

The library is emptied of its books and equipment and ready for the renovations to begin.